Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Better than my best

Wow! "Toshiba handheld hits 1GHz"

The news isn't that tomorrow's phones will beat my current best computer. Technology, like leaking water, always finds a way to go down ... err... advance. I like it or not.

What surprises me is the abusive intent of folks behind the technology. Like it or not, designing is more art than science. The kind of rationality and precision that goes into using the technology to create something more than a crapware is nothing short of the artistic choices a painter makes when rendering the perfect sunset over an island where he never went.

The minds that control the coding hands do not seem to realise this ... no matter what better hardware I come across, I also come across a newer version of the same software which makes it crawl. Even the upcoming dual-core 1.5GHz is not going to impress me much, not any more. Perfection is the key.