Sunday, June 07, 2009

this is his 4th computer

A thin man with a pointed beard loved honeysuckle. He had some honeysuckle trees in an orchard across a huge river. He built a boat and used it to cross the river. The fruits were good. He ate some and sold the rest.
10 years later, the boat showed signs of age. He built a new boat. Life was good again.

1 millennium, 6 century and 5 decades later, a very smart man told us how to create a very smart machine. One machine which can do everything. Of course, the machine needed sophisticated instructions but there were a lot of people who can figure out the right instructions for any operation.

6 decades later. A company that sells computers made a wonderful laptop. A fat man who earns a lot of money bought one. The laptop performed top-notch, looked solid and meant business. He was happy.
2 years later, the computer slowed down. He bought a new one. The one felt as fast as the old one when he had bought it. He considered the purchase a terribly insightful investment.

200 years later. A group of bespectacled visionaries will figure out every detail of how our body works. A lot of companies will appear who will promise a live-long and live-happy life. "Don't like your middle ear? Here, we will replace it with a machine. 1-day money back guarantee". You can hear a lot in 1 day, so everyone will be satisfied. A young rich business couple will modify themselves to become what they want. They will get married. They will make it to the news as the first perfect couple.
7 days later, the man will get bored of his wife. He will find her pose unexciting and her actions banal. He will find a new woman for a huge sum of money.
After uranium, monitors and PCBs, the world will face the challenge of a new type of landfill: people.