Thursday, December 14, 2006

beagle 0.2.14

Joe announced the release of beagle 0.1.4 few hours ago. Its a fascinating and shining new release containing exciting new features, lots of memory/speed optimizations and many bug-fixes as well. Here are the major ones which are readily visible:
  • Indexes tar, gzipped-tar, bzipped-tar, gzipped and bzipped files, in the filesystem as well as in email attachments. The results show you the exact file in the archive that matched the query.
  • Do some smart tokenizing to allow matching 001234 to a query of 1234 and better matching of file names. No more missing files.
  • Beagle can find and extract data itself using its dozen or more backends. But sometimes its better for other applications to send data to beagle for indexing. Beagle had the infrastructure to act as a search/indexing service provider. The release contains an example C code to show how to do that; its pretty simple actually. Obviously python can also be used.
  • Some cool signal mechanism which help to figure out what file in being currently indexed and for how long. This will be helpful if you feel beagle is taking ages to index some file.
  • Use Xdg autostart mechanism to auto-start beagle. KDE4 will also implement xdg autostart mechanism. One more step towards being DE agonistic.
  • The indexing information now explicitly mentions if the initial indexing is in progress. Also clients now have the option of being notified when the initial indexing ends.
  • Lots of memory fixes. bhale just mentioned in the irc channel holy crap, startup RSS for beagled is 15m... beagled is below nautilus in mem usage...  im not believing my eyes :) Thank you for your myth on how beagle is a bloatware.
  • API and beage-search support to know the total number of documents that matched any query. Not the superficial imposed limit of 100 documents.
Go, get it!

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