Sunday, February 11, 2007

beagle memory usage

Setup: Fresh run of beagled with only the kmail backend. IndexInfo report about 13700 items i.e. mails and indexed attachments. Beagle version is post 0.2.16, so that includes the individual items in the archive attachments as well. I started beagled as exercise_the_dog, indexing finished within an hour and this is the state after indexing is over.

167m 55m 11m mozilla-firefox
248m 29m 2856 X
137m 20m 15m amarokapp
72812 19m 6884 beagled-helper
89560 18m 13m kmail
35816 15m 11m konsole
42780 15m 14m konqueror
49088 12m 5860 beagled
40320 11m 9524 kdesktop
42004 11m 9.9m basket
32620 10m 9588 kmix
43896 9252 6220 kicker
37904 5884 3908 kded
34560 5600 2680 net_applet

Remember the rule: an approximate idea of the memory usage is given by RES-SHR.

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