Friday, April 20, 2007

Theory Guy...

This is not really techie but has a somewhat tech-vs-theory war flavor. The following list came out of today's departmental Friday lunch. Top 10 "ways to tell a theory person from a systems person":

10. One gets job and another does not.

09. One likes 10000n^2 better than n^3.

08. Space-time is important outside Star-trek.

07. In therory they are same, but in practice they are not.

06. P is not equal to NP divided by N.

05. n^10 is efficient.

04. SAT (Famous NP complete problem also known as Satisfiability) is most of the times easy to compute.

03. (Specific to our department) One can be only be found across the street.

02. Its pronounced "Lee-nux" (not "Lai-nux")

01. Computers do more than just email ?!

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