Thursday, December 27, 2007

one zero-three-two sailed today

Beagle 0.3.2 was released today. On one hand we are still catching up with the regressions and new bugs that were introduced in the mighty beagle-0.3.0 and on the other hand, new features are streaming in. While yelp remains broken with beagle, I was amazed at how easily I can search within the manpages and double click on the results to open them in yelp. A much better alternative to man -K.

In other news, Lukas has started working on providing spelling suggestions Did you mean ... ? There are some technical limitations which are not fully resolved yet so it did not make it into 0.3.2 . It is currently housed in a branch and I hope to release it into the wild soon.

Beagle was not designed as an RDF store at its inception. It will take quite some work to make it a genuine RDF store. But what if there was an RDF adapter that sat between an RDF client and beagle and talked to each of them in their corresponding language, yet maintaining sanity. There is an ongoing work to overlay a Semweb selectable source on top on beagle. We will see how that goes.

A post on klik2 rekindled my desire to create a klik package for beagle. It will be easier this time since klik2 handles command line programs. I tried the automatic debian generated recipe and it mostly worked. Mostly, because one of the tools in beagle ran with --version and --help but failed to find some libraries to do anything more. I think all I need to do is to teach klik how to set certain PATHs and environment variables. Pretty exciting, what do you think ?

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