Sunday, April 20, 2008

Takes Two to Release

The GMail backend I blogged about before is now available for mass abuse in Beagle 0.3.6(.1). We also tried to maintain our love of cutting edge technology by upgrading the Firefox extension to work with Firefox 3.0.

I noticed several forum posts where users wanted to use beagle like locate/find-grep. The desire was two pronged - no intention to run a daemon continuously and return files from everywhere doing basic searches in name and path. That is not how beagle is supposed to be used but users are the boss in a community project. So I added blocate, a wrapper to beagle-static-query. Currently it only matches the -d DBpath parameter of locate but works like a charm. Sample uses
  $ blocate sondesh
  $ blocate -d manpages locate

The other thing I added was a locate backend. I absolutely do not recommend using this one. Yet if you insist ... when enabled and used with the FileSystem backend, it will return search results from the locate program. Yes, results from eVeRyWhErE, as you wished.

You can use both the GMail and the locate backends in beagle-search as well. But both the new backends are rather primitive, so I have taken enough precautions againsts n00bs accidentally using them. So in summary, 0.3.6 is not going to do you any good. Oops... did I just say that ?!

The title is based on the empiricial count of the number of actual releases (including brown bag ones) needed for last few releases.

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