Wednesday, July 23, 2008

< Insert Your Favourite > Desktop Search Hackfest

Good news - a (read: the first ever) Desktop Search Hackfest is being
planned after the Maemo Summit, in Berlin.

Not so good news - I will not be able to attend. It's not easy to
sneak out as a grad student from an US university (bonus if you are an
_alien_). Joe is not going either. Our in-house Xesam guru is about a
join a real job, the money-paying kind. It might be hard for him to
attend either. I dearly wish Beagle could somehow benefit from this
meeting. Good luck to the other projects. Get some work done and make
the users happy. It is nice to see that Strigi/Nepomuk devs are
attending. And thanks to Nokia for making this happen.

On a side note, look at the number of participants from the Tracker
project ! Wow, they're booming. Double kudos to them.

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Anonymous said...

It is not surprising that there are many developers for Tracker as Nokia is funding various companies to work on it as the codebase was really not suitable (from a feature and stability points of view for their handhelds).

For a small device, it makes sense to run some sort of C-based system.