Saturday, September 23, 2006

Mono.FUSE Filesystem for Digikam Tags

FUSE is cool anyway. And writing FUSE filesystems in C# is even cooler. Adjectives aside, I wrote a FUSE-DigikamFS filesystem for browsing Digikam tags. Its much easier to browse the images organized by tags using konqueror or kuickshow. This way I can also share the tags mount-point by kpf (or some other HTTP server) allowing others to browse my images arranged by both folders (Albums) and tags.

A sample session,

[debajyoti@dbera Tags]$ pwd
[debajyoti@dbera Tags]$ ls
Artistic/ Favourites/ Fireworks/ Food/
Nature/ People/ Places/ QuickCheck/ Season/
[debajyoti@dbera Tags]$ ls Artistic/
Black-White/ Mood/ Motion/ pa020099.jpg@
pa020102.jpg@ Perspective/ Shadow/

As you see, I use symlinks to overlay the images from tag filesystem. Works pretty cool.


Olli said...


This seems interesting. Any way of getting it into ubuntu without having to compile it myself? :)

dBera said...

olli, I am afraid, no. I dont have any resource of making a package for this. From personal experience, building this should not be difficult. It does not require any extra dependencies other than mono FUSE.