Sunday, December 31, 2006

Fasten your seatbelts; we are ready to ship

There was a discussion going on in beagle mailing list sometime ago where I made a comment that I dont think beagle is newbie ready i.e. plug-and-play yet. Beagle fans did not understand my comment and people replied why they think I am wrong. I would be glad to be proved wrong; but all of their arguments were how they were using beagle since version x.y, how beagle was shipped and enabled by default since last z releases of some distribution and how someone is able to install beagle in a large enterprise. Duh! None of these prove that beagle is newbie ready. All they do is show that beagle works and even I know that. 0/100.

I have the feeling that some of the beagle devs and followers live in the garden of Eden surrounded by a high wall of reality. Sometimes they should go out in the streets, check the bugzilla of other distros, go through user blogs (which mostly contain complaints about how beagle does not work and how to disable it), and visit some user forums where a lot of questions are how to disable beagle from starting at startup. These are laborious jobs and not pleasing. A lot of them contain flames and invalid reasons. But almost always they are started by someone who found beagle causing trouble.

Here are some links which can make your task easy:
I sometimes make the rounds and all I see are I make a point of uninstalling beagle on all my machines and The first thing I did after ... was to uninstall beagle and now my machine is happy. Silly men, how can they not like the doggy!

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