Saturday, December 30, 2006

Subversion arrives. Finally!

KDE uses SVN for their source code management. GNOME used to use CVS till yesterday, which means beagle too was managed with CVS. I do not know the technical details. but time a again we did face technical problems with CVS. I was mostly told that life would be easier with SVN and lo behold! GNOME has switched to Subversion as its SCM (actually, still switching).

The last time this was tried by the awesome GNOME guys, they later found a glitch and had to cancel the migration. As a result I lost a commit that I made within hours of SVN migration. This time I will play safe and watch it for a few days before committing anything. If everything works out, life should be easier. Joe already cleaned up quite a bit of the unused files and directories, renamed the Evo-mail backend correctly and updated the links et al. A New Year with a clean, new repo. Sweet.

PS: There is one downside though. Joe (and others too) would like to use the SVN commit messages for creating Changelog files during creating a tarball. Which basically means others cannot observe the Changelog file between releases to figure out what was changed (neither I nor Joe updated the Changelog while committing, so this is a lame excuse). The real trouble is now I cannot write any lame jokes in my commit messages. Life would be serious now. Boo hoo.

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